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Our Approach

How does "permanent placement" work?

Once the agreement has been signed and our client selects and moves forward with an offer, the signed acceptance letter solidifies the candidate as a permanent member of your staff. Our "introduction" fee is based on the tier of the open role, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure.

What is the difference between Permanent Placement, Contractual, and Executive Search? Permanent Placement and Executive Search have merged to provide comprehensive services to both clients and candidates. We work diligently to find the perfect match for your business, whether you need executive leadership, healthcare, or life sciences professionals. Our focus is on long-term commitments, with candidates who are invested in your business and have conducted their own research to align with your goals. Contractual agreements, on the other hand, are typically shorter-term positions or consultant roles filled through an applicant tracking system.

What type of roles does Essential2You Staffing recruit for?

We specialize in filling a wide range of roles in Executive Leadership, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries across the nation. From C-suite executives to specialized healthcare professionals, we have the expertise and network to identify top talent that aligns with your unique requirements. If you have a specific role or specialty not listed, please reach out to us directly to discuss how we can assist you.

At Essential2You Staffing, we are committed to providing tailored permanent staffing solutions that meet your organization's needs. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Fists in Solidarity


Essential2You Staffing Services has a commitment to our clients to present candidates that represent quality, professionalism, diversity and confidentiality in the placement process. Recruiting both locally and nationally to find the appropriate candidate to partner with our clients. 

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