Shake on It

Concentrating on executive and physician recruitment searches with placement of accomplished individuals. Essential2You Staffing Services has a commitment to our clients to present candidates that represent quality, professionalism, diversity and confidentiality in the placement process. Recruiting both locally and nationally to find the appropriate candidate to partner with our clients. 

Our Approach

What we do:
We receive a fee from our clients only when that company selects a candidate sent by our firm. We work on a contingency basis for middle and lower-management positions, and can be retained for senior leadership roles.

What is the difference between Permanent Placement, Contractual, and Executive Search?
Permanent placement and Executive Searches have merged since ultimately firms were doing the same work, for the same candidates. We work on behalf of both our clients and applicants to find the right match for your business. This can take longer than a “contractual agreement” where the candidate generally is part of an applicant tracking system who has bounced around positions and/or may just be looking for consultant work here and there. As an executive and physician search firm, we are constantly seeking new talent and all of our candidates are interested in being vested in your business long-term, doing their own research on your business.

What type of roles does Essential2You recruit for?
We assist mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies around the nation find the proper talent to represent your team. Our firm specializes in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and Technology.

How does “permanent placement” work?
Our firm provides a client with a permanent member of staff and charges an introduction fee often based on the annual salary of the position. Once the agreement is signed and the fee is paid, the candidate then becomes a permanent staff member of the client.